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Achieve the quality and plus that your final product need with the extensive variety of options. 20 years of experience vouch in the production of our sleep and rest systems. We are aware of the value of acting swift and meet any of the client’s needs.


Regular PU Foam, Memory Foam y Smart Foam.

Completely tailored cuts and densities.

Regular PU Foam


This type of Foam wears the Brand “M” and we produce it in different ranges of densities and hardness, it has and broad use in the bedding and tappestry industry. We refer to the type of foam used with more frequency as the foundation of the mattress, choosing firm or semi-hard cause of it’s function of great support. The products can be made only of simple foam but it also can be combined with different layers of viscoeslatic foam such as Smart Foam, CoolFeeling or other types of foam in order to achieve robustness and all types of use and requirements. The PU regular foam has an extreme durability and ventilation as well like elastic which allows it to support different types of pressure and weight without losing form or properties. 

Memory Foam


The memory Foam is the most popular and demanded by the market. It has surprising features such as: extraordinary flexibility, body and weight adaption and even the capacity to provide a longer and pleasurable rest. The key element of the memory foam, in comparison to other materials, is that the pressure is distributed uniformly at all moments achieving a maximum comfort. Also, it is shocking the characteristic thermal sensitivity that allows it to adjust the temperature to the sleeping optimal, providing experiences like CoolFeeling o thermal regulating sensations.

Smart Foam


Also known as “Smart latex” or «similar latex». The name comes after the products similarities and extremely close properties of the natural latex. Made from the highest quality polyurethane. It’s characterized for having an elasticity close to natural rubber with nevertheless exceptional durability and superior comfortless. The principal perk of latex in comparison to natural latex consist in the structure of open cells that allow the material to <<breath>> and that provides no need to further perforations to guarantee transpiration providing an extra sensation of comfort to natural latex.


Choose each component of your mattress and create your own range of products with your own brand. 

You can choose each foam type, density, thickness, cover, layer combination, springs availability and even the packaging.

We take care that everything comes out perfect allowing you to provide an excellent product to your clients.


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